[Review] The AVON SSS Whitening Glutathione Face Cream Experience

I’m feeling productive this week so here’s another blog entry. Yay! Hopefully this’ll be the start of a frequent output from me. I noticed I haven’t tried posting about a real product review yet so here’s my first go at it. Let me blabber about my experience with AVON’s Glutathione Whitening Face Cream from the Skin-So-Soft line (SSS).

I’ve always been in search of a good day cream that will not look too greasy and will easily be absorbed by my skin. I live in a tropical country (Philippines) and add to that my overproductive sweat glands then I’m in for trouble. Most creams that I’ve used in the past tend to just sit on my skin and easily sweats right off. For the past few years I even stopped using moisturizers altogether and rely on sunblocks to quench my skin in the morning but this just doesn’t cut it. I’ve made a decision to incorporate a skin care regimen to my daily tasks since I’m definitely seeing a significant decline in my skin’s overall appearance. I’m finally paying for the neglect I’ve done.

Call it good timing that I chanced upon AVON’s face cream and saw that it was on sale for Php 149 just as I was going to the counter. It promises to deliver results in just 5 days. Wow! I’d say that’s some ambition and maybe if it happens for me then I’m one happy camper for sure. I didn’t put much thought in it but I’m glad I didn’t since I’m surprisingly pleased with this product.

“Makes skin visibly whiter, improves skin clarity, reduces the appearance of spots & discolorations, and evens out skin tone. Leaves skin feeling moisturized all day. Gentle, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, & dermatologist-tested.” *photo courtesy of http://www.avon.com.ph

The main ingredient of the cream is of course glutathione and this already has SPF 20/PA++

Regular price: Php 399 for 30g and Php 199 for 15g

Got mine for Php 149 for the 15g tub (brochure discount)

Can be bought through an AVON representative

SSS Glutathion Face Cream in 15g

Been using this for a little over a week now (day cream only) and I’m happy about how it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy nor heavy (the weather may have played a factor). On the other hand, in terms of giving me fairer skin in just 5 days I would have to say that there was no fulfillment there. I’m not complaining much since I’m just ecstatic that I found a day cream that fits what I’m looking for, getting whiter skin is not a top priority for me at the moment. Of course this is a let down for some of you looking for the real-deal brightening product. Maybe if I finish the tub I’d see a difference. We shall see.

has a runny and very spreadable consistency

was absorbed by my skin quite well

with the product applied to just half my face (right side), left a dewy finish but not too oily


-has a lightweight and smooth texture

-has a mild scent

-moisturizes my skin without that extremely tacky feel

-made my skin look glowing from within

-has SPF 20/PA++ without any mask like effect

-can easily be spread so you don’t tug your skin

-did not cause any breakouts


-did not brighten my face in 5 days as indicated (a promise is a promise)

-the regular price is a little steep for me Php 399 for 30g and Php 199 for 15g

Overall: 3 out of 5

That sums up my experience with AVON’s gluta cream and this made me excited to try other skin care lines from them since I usually just gravitate towards using their makeup and underwear products.

FYI: Yes, I am an AVON Representative but I mainly use it for personal consumption since I love getting discounts. This was in no way to simply patronize AVON and I’m only sharing my honest-to-goodness experience with their products. This is also a reflection of my trust with the brand so its normal for you to see me reviewing AVON products in this blog.

This is a category of my blog where I share my experience with a certain product may it be something that I bought or given to me it will be clearly stated. Please take everything that I indicate here with a grain of salt since I’m no skin specialist/dermatologist and I’m simply having a go at it and then hope for the best. This is for the sake of people out there who wants an account of a first hand experience on a product. I hope it helps to say that I have a normal skin type and I don’t have sensitive skin in general.