5 Tips for Rainy Day Makeup

We’ve been having bouts of rain for a few days now and I hope you guys are safe and sound. I always have mixed emotions whenever the skies decide to pour a little. I love the cold weather that comes along with it but ask me to go out of the house and I’m close to cursing every little thing that comes my way (who doesn’t hate mud in everything). At these times, what I look like is the least of my worries but there are instances that I need to look put together. Maybe at least decent enough for people not to automatically assume that I’m sick or something.

Let me share with you some tips and tricks on how we can prep our faces on a rainy day (given that we have a considerable amount of reason to care about our makeup that day). Hope you find it useful.

1. Armed and ready

-Make sure aside from your umbrella and/or raincoat that you have your makeup arsenal with you if you’ll need some touch ups. Better have your essentials than be sorry later on. Sometimes I would even do my makeup only when I’m already where I need to be. The products that I’ll mention later on will be the contents of my makeup pouch.

2. Glow from within

-I usually need to use a richer moisturizer on colder days for my skin to look quenched. The goal is to have a little dewiness, not too oily nor too matte. Find what works best for you. Hydrating your skin by drinking water also helps loads. Don’t forget to put on sunblock since the sun’s rays will still wreak havoc on you. It only means that you can get lazy with makeup but you can’t take a day off from skin care since if you have a good canvas the less cover up you’ll need.

3. Go light and easy

-…with the makeup. You may feel like you want to add more to make things secure but it’ll just be the other way around. Piling things up can give you a ‘melted’ look if you get soaked from the rain. Go for a more natural look. Its as if you just want to add a healthy little color on your face. I don’t know if anyone else does this but I would put a little CC cream (AVON Anew CC cream) then top it of with a some primer (Maybelline pore eraser). For some reason the makeup has more staying power than if I do it the other way around (I break makeup rules). Try to use cream blush or even lipstick (my preferred method) on the apples of your cheeks for a more natural looking finish.

4. Waterproof eyes

-Of course I’m talking about eye makeup here. Please don’t take any chances about using non-waterproof mascara and liner unless you can rock raccoon eyes (never a pretty look on me). Your waterproof mascara (currently using Maybelline hyper curl mascara) can even double as your eyeliner so don’t worry if you don’t have waterproof liquid liners or even just eye pencils. I don’t even bother with eye liner if you ask me. On the other hand, I put more effort on my brows since mine are non-existent. If you’re like me, then you can use use brow pencil (I use Etude’s in shade 03) to shape then fill in with brow powder (can’t remember the brand that I’m using, sorry). You can even use a brow mascara for good measure.

5. A pop of color (Optional)

-Yes we want to go for a natural look but if you still want to add some color then do it by donning a bright and bold lip color. I find that this can really enhance the face and what really completes the look. It feels like you put more effort into it even though you tried to do as less as you can.

6. Hide the frizz (Bonus!)

-You’re face may look good but don’t forget about your crowning glory. I guess there are means to protect your hair from getting frizzy but if you don’t want to add the extra effort then your best bet is to do a chic braid or bun. I personally love braiding my hair and just add a little spritz of hairspray to keep things in place.

Here some photos of the healthy-dewy look (at least my take on it) 


P.S. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that the photos doesn’t feature me. I decided to do the makeup on my cousin Mikee since she’s a college student and would usually have to brave the rain when she needs to go to school. I hope you like the simple makeup I did on her. =)