Nail of the Week: Girl on Fire

Hello there! You know that it’s June when it’s raining again. Just to warm things up a little I donned this fiery hue on my digits. It’s girl on fire by Bobbie nail polish. This’ll be my first nail of the week post. Hopefully I can give you a weekly dose of colors which I’m excited about.

This has no glitter nor any shimmer but has a glossy finish even if I didn’t put any top coat. Had to pile up three coats though before I got the opacity that I wanted. On photos it looks like it has a warmer tone of red but in person it looks a little bit richer. I’m already on the third day post application and hasn’t chipped so far (not doing anything much with my hands).

Please share your own nail of the week with me by tagging me in Instagram via #selfliciousnails. Hope to see them. ūüėä

The Beautylabo Hair Color Experience

Hi guys! Now that summer is officially over please let me know how yours went in the comment section. Mine was a staycation which for me meant a home-work-home routine. Hopefully next year I get to do more. And since I didn’t do much, most likely out of boredom I decided to dye my hair again.

Yes I’ve done something like this before but its been a while that it felt almost new to me. Let me blabber about me trying a DIY hair dye product and how it went down. This is the Beautylabo in honey blonde. A ¬†Japan-based product that has a liquid formula unlike others that works with a lather-like consistency. I featured this on my recent haul.

I just want to say that I don’t think this can be considered as a real review of the product. For starters, I didn’t use the needed amount for my hair (at least two boxes I think). I felt that one pack will be good enough and now I feel a little stupid about it. Haha. I also did not completely follow the package instructions on how to apply the solution. With these things in mind I already set myself up for failure and I knew I wouldn’t give justice to the product if I make my recommendations based on this. I was planning not to share this with you guys but I realized its still an experience that I can talk about that maybe you can learn something from (I hope!)

I did everything according to the package instructions except for applying the product on the roots first. I didn’t want to concentrate the color on just my roots so I applied more product on the lower length of my hair. I’m not gonna do a detailed how-to since its quite easy. Just mix 1 and 2, apply, wait, rinse then apply the after color treatment with no rinsing required. I will let the photos sort of do the talking.


Aside from the packaging what made me gravitate to it was the price. Its Php 239 from Watsons if my memory serves me right. Others would cost you at least Php 350 so I thought this was already a steal. I love the fact that the insert had detailed and easy-to-understand instructions that even a newbie will be confident that they are doing the right thing. In terms of the color pay off it still colored my dark hair to a light brownish hue in those areas that had a decent amount of the product. This was the expected outcome so If I have any complaint that will just be the light sting I felt on the first few minutes of the application and that fact that even after a week of shampooing my hair still had a faint smell of the product.

 *when basked in sunlight

¬†*in low light (excuse my ‘dugyot’ appearance)

Even though may hair color is now kind of patchy I still liked my overall experience. It was fun and easy and I know that it would’ve given a better result if I used more product. Maybe next time I’ll do it again with a different color depending on how my chaotic brain works.


I recently had a mini haul where I got a few things I needed or not. Hehe. I just thought that you guys may be interested to know about them since some of the items are potential product test drives. I just have to get it out in the open that this is not a way for me to brag about the things that I bought. This was written matter-of-factly and please let me know if you enjoy this kind of post. It felt like forever since I last spent anything for myself so please excuse the indulgence (as if I went on a shopping galore).

First on the list is this bag called Maji from Parisian. Didn’t even know they already had a line aside from shoes. What got me drawn to this is that its a backpack with a feel of a feminine shoulder bag. Super love the golden studs against the black leather material. It spells classic for me. Its the first time I ever had anything like this so I’m excited to use it. It doesn’t have a lot of compartments, just an extra zipper¬†in front and a small inside pocket. I love backpacks and this is somewhat a refreshing choice for me to make. I’m still not into using shoulder bags but its a start for me break free a little from my usual picks.

These polishes are both from Chic. I’m really into hot pinks thus I got raspberry pink. On the other hand, I wanted to have a green polish in my stash which I don’t usually go for, just to have it handy when I’m feeling bored repeating my go-to hues. This one is called honeydew green. Pretty straightforward color names. I haven’t tried them yet and hopefully I’d be able to give a very descriptive feedback once I do. I’m planning to do a nail-of-the-week kind of thing. But knowing how lazy I am in doing my nails I’m still on the fence about it.

I’ve been meaning to dye my hair again since its been at least a year from my last. I’ve tried the Etude brand but this one’s a little less expensive. This is from Beauty Labo¬†in honey blonde. Wish me luck. Haha. I just hope it doesn’t become one of those DIY disasters.

I’ve tried sugar/honey waxing before but not this specific brand from Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee. Honestly I picked it up just because of the packaging.

In lieu with hair stuff, these pins from Watsons will be for my attempts of some hair do that I’ve been eyeing on. Stay tuned for that. See me try until I die. Haha.

Having cleansing wipes is a must have in our household. This is the antibacterial one from Sanicare¬†and doesn’t have an overpowering scent which I love. Let me know if you have another brand that you think I should try. I’m already happy with it but of course I’m always on the lookout for a better product.

I don’t even remember the last time I tried this nose pack from iWhite. I’m digging the new packaging but we’ll see if they really did anything differently with the formula.

This is the last thing I picked up literally when I was already on the counter to pay what I purchased. I didn’t even know it was from Maxipeel until I got a closer look at at. Skin purifier… hmmm… sounds promising but will it deliver? Guess I just have to see for myself.

Everything I got was from Watsons except for the Parisian bag from SM department store. Sadly I lost the receipt and I can’t remember the prices. Will probably include that info in my next haul.


I’ve made it apparent that summer does not equate to a vacay for me. I didn’t even make plans to go out of town and say #beachplease. This is my way of saying sorry if this topic may seem more appropriate last month now that we’re near the end of the season. Nevertheless better late than never as they say. Blame it on my crazy side that the closer we are to saying goodbye to summer I suddenly felt the pang of wanting to spend my days frolicking on the sand with good company. Oh well, I hope these tips will still be useful whether you head out to the beach or have your staycation galore for the rest of May.

These are my last minute tips in helping your skin stay in love with you after all the sunbathing you will do/did with it.

1. Arm your skin with sun protectants. I posted about sunblocks and why we need it. Simply put, you need to aid your skin from sun damage since zero sun exposure is close to impossible. You can’t make every conscious effort to hide from sunlight. Besides if you’re going to the beach then you don’t want it to be a reason not to have fun while under the sun.

2. Make sure that your skin is kept moisturized with whatever product you can tolerate. How you’re able to stand putting on lotion these days without being in an airconditioned room is beyond me. I just CAN’T. I try to hydrate myself from the inside instead. Drink it up. To reinforce moisture, I try to use soaps that will not get your skin completely stripped of its natural oils. I also tried using an in-shower moisturizer (Nivea) and so far it does help out with my dry skin. If my skin gets too thirsty then I do use creams but usually when I’m already in the office.

3. Exfoliate your skin to help it renew itself specially those areas that gets a lot of beating like our elbows and knees. I ran out of my go to body scrub and started to simply just use a bath glove. A good trick is do it with dry skin. Rub the glove in circular motion all over your body before you actually get it wet and you’ll do better in keeping dead skin cells at bay. I do this at least every other day.

4.Tan without the sun. If having that honey skin is a must have for you then please don’t do it the old fashioned way. I don’t personally like doing this because most tanning products are quite expensive but I’d rather empty my pockets for this than to burn my skin with baking it from excessive sun exposure. I have a friend of mine who would use Coke to give her that sun kissed glow by applying cola on her skin before briefly ‚Äúcooking‚ÄĚ it. I haven’t tried it but if you have please let me know how it worked out for you.

5. If the damage has been done and you’re already flaking off your burnt skin then I’m sorry you’re beyond help. Just kidding! But of course the extent of skin damage cannot be fully reversed. The best thing that we can do is to go easy on our skin and go back to basics (follow tips 1-3) and gradually your skin will go back pretty close to how it was. That’s how it happened for me anyway.

I hope you find these tips helpful even when you just want to maintain healthy looking skin. If you have tricks of your own please let me know because we all need a little help in this department.

Beat the Heat

We’re halfway through vacation season but it feels like the scorching summer fever is not backing down anytime soon. Too bad I can’t just #ijustwanttobeonthebeach myself to cool waters since I have other things to do at the moment. What’s a girl to do?¬†

If I had it my way and I had an AC then I would definitely lock myself up and get the room as cold as I can then doze off to dreamland. Obviously I have to be a bit more creative on how to beat the heat this summer. Here are my tips and tricks when you have no other choice but to brave through hellish temperatures. 

Stay hydrated. I know that you already know this. But admit it or not you may not really be drinking enough H2O to keep you cool. I for one would have to force myself to down 3 liters of water a day. Try flavored water if you can’t stand the blandness of it. Sometimes I’d simply eat fruits like watermelon since it adds up to your daily intake. Aside from counting calories try to count how many liters of water you’re drinking daily.


Keep it simple… With your makeup I mean. There’s no need for you to put much on your face since there’s a high chance you’d just be wiping it off due to sweating. I’m happy that my makeup routine is perfect for this. Skip the foundation then just put some blush and your favorite lipstick and you’re good to go. Personally I add definition to my brows since it makes a huge difference on my face. A good trick as well is to use a primer like Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I noticed that it makes my skin look smoother and fresh-faced.¬†

Trying to look fresh

Breezy clothing. This is pretty obvious. ¬†Prioritize comfort and opt for summer-perfect pieces. ‘Nuff said. I love wearing shorts and loose tops made of light fabrics when I’m going out.¬†

Ice. Aside from keeping our drinks cool I personally use it as part of my beauty arsenal. Ice cubes come in handy when I want to freshen up by simply rubbing it all over my face. After wiping it off what I end up with is a poreless looking skin with reduced redness. It even helps de-puff eyebags. The effects are temporary but if you’ll do this before your makeup routine you’ll notice that it’s a little easier to apply.¬†

Use products that have cooling ingredients. The effects wear off but it does help when I can’t stand the heat. My favorites are Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo¬†and Johnson’s Baby Cooling Powder.¬†The latter gives me immediate relief at home where I don’t care if I look like an espasol.¬†

When all else fails, go ahead and take a dip. If you have a pool in the luxury of your own home then good for you. I don’t. Good thing we have portable pools. As a last resort you can bathe as much as you want. I can bathe three to four times a day if I’m desperate. This really dries up the skin so to somehow minimize this I only have one full bath. Others I skip the hair and use a moisturizing soap. You’re skin may not thank you for it but you’re body will agree to this. I’d rather have dry skin than have a heatstroke. Hehe. ¬†¬†

There you have it. These are the things I personally do to beat the heat this summer. I hope you find some of them useful if you don’t already know them. Let me know what are your own tips and tricks in the comment section.¬†

I googled most of the photos so please let me know if you own them so I can credit you. Thanks! 

Why Sunblock?

The heat is on! Summer came knocking with its scorching temperature that makes me wish we still had the cooler weather. I secretly envy those who already set their plans to bask in the sun with a plethora of activities for the coming weeks for mine will be most likely spent with my mundane tasks. Nevertheless, no matter what our to-do lists this season may be what we¬†mustn’t forget is the ever important sun protection. Sure you can get away with just an umbrella and a pair of sunnies. That’s what you want yourself to believe but you know for a fact that they’re not enough. That’s why sunblocks were invented. I’d be using sunblock and sunscreen synonymously for this article but I think they may have different definitions.

If truth be told I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with sunblocks. There are just times I can’t handle the sticky feeling most formulas leave that I opt to skip this step. It only makes sense for me to remind myself why we need to apply some form of sun protection on a daily basis most specially at this time of the year since our skin and SPF are meant to be BFFs.

Minimize skin ageing

A good sunblock will help you have younger looking skin because it has components that block UVA rays which are the ones causing skin ageing. This happens since the rays penetrate the inner layer of the skin which damages the collagen (a component that maintains skin elasticity, less collagen=more wrinkles). Personally I’d rather spend money to minimize getting wrinkles than to spend more in treating it. Let’s just say prevention is better than cure.

Prevent burning your skin

Another part of a good sunscreen is that it helps filter UVB rays that burns the skin. With this, the rays only make it to the surface to wreak havoc by literally toasting you. We still have to keep in mind that applying sunblock will NOT give you the right to brace the sun for hours on end. If it can’t be helped make sure you reapply as needed to ensure protection specially when you’re on water no matter how waterproof the products claim to be.

Maintain skin tone

Whatever skin tone you might have or want to maintain, sunscreens will aid you in achieving that. Depending on your needs you can get products that would either have lightening or tanning components. As for me, I usually get the ones that have neither. Hahah. Let me give you a peek of what I’m currently using.


For my body, I use the Beach Hut Max 75++ Clear Spray Sunblock. I love that its just like a body oil and leaves a healthy glow. I use Avon Anew 360 White for my face since I am trying to brighten this area of my skin and it has more of a BB cream kind of finish. If you blend this well then it wouldn’t have a mask-like effect.

Help prevent skin cancer

A whole lot of research can back up the claims that sunblocks help keep our skin in tip top shape. In a way, it contributes in minimizing the risk of developing skin cancer. Most likely its because it discourages the destruction of skin cells due to sun exposure. I’m not going to talk much about it since I’m no scientist but try to know more and you’ll be convinced.

Love your skin more

It all boils down to showing your skin some good loving. Its the biggest organ of our bodies and we ought to give it what it deserves. I know most sunblocks come with a hefty price but if you’ll think about it this is a great way to invest in our skin. If you spend money on makeup maybe you can allot a part of it in getting a decent sunscreen product. For someone who’s a cheapskate like me, I would definitely prioritize this product over an expensive lippie. That’s just me. I’m not a poster kid for sunblock use and there are days that I forget about using it but I really want it to be a habit. I know it would do wonders for my skin. Don’t just believe me. See for yourself.

PS Please forgive the lack of pictures. I’ll try to incorporate more photos next time.

Inner Girly Girl

I feel that there’s a need for me to explain myself as to what this blog will be talking about. At the moment I can only afford time to put up this blog and not the money to purchase my own domain and completely personalize how I wanted it to look. With that, please forgive me if the layout of my page doesn’t seem to coincide with the topics that I’d be delving in. I hope you can bear with me for the time being and I promise that I will save up for a better looking layout(don’t get me wrong WordPress, I love you and want to give you a big hug for letting me have a free avenue for my blog). It may not look like it yet, but this will be the makings of a beauty blog.

I want it to be clear that I’m no expert in terms of fashion and beauty. In fact, its the other way around. My make up know how is just enough to put a little color to my face. Heck, I don’t know much on how to properly put on foundation with highlighting and contouring combined. For fashion, I cannot even begin to talk about how plain my wardrobe looks like. So why dabble in an ever-saturated niche like this? I have mentioned on my first blog entry that I wanted to be in tune with my inner girly girl. Just because I prefer to look low key on most days it doesn’t mean that I want to be clueless when there’s a need for me to dress and get dolled up. I want to have an arsenal of the things I need to transform myself when I feel like it. Oooh freedom to look however I want. That’s just how I roll.

With thousands and thousands of other beauty bloggers out there I noticed that most either regard themselves as experts or at least make it seem like they are. When I visit them at times it can feel a little intimidating instead of inspiring like how am I supposed to pull that off? I hope this blog becomes an answer to that. I want this blog to be totally relatable and simple enough for people who are just starting to appreciate lipsticks and trendy pieces of clothing. I want to document how it feels when I do a lot of firsts in this world of beauty. You may not get an actual tutorial but it’ll be fun to share how I did a new braiding technique. What I also look forward too is gaining knowledge and experience as I go along the way. Above all I’m excited to know that I’ll find a community of people who share the same feelings with me about beauty.

Be prepared to see me become a guinea pig of different looks that I would most likely try for the first time. I’ll share my experiences when I do different beauty trends of skin care know-hows that I may have done before but already forgot how to. Let’s fall in love and have fun together with our feminine side. Get ready to glam up without wanting to please anyone else but ourselves. I think its also important for me to point out that I am a cheapskate. You’ll notice that one of the reasons why I don’t have much in my beauty kit is the fact that I can’t bear to spend tons of money for clothes and makeup. Hopefully this will help me find ways to be able to keep up with things without going bankrupt. Haha!

Don’t forget that this blog is NOT a one-way street. I may be the one drafting the articles but I would most certainly love to hear from you. You’re one of my inspirations and you’re feedback is something I value. Just know that if you’ll use the comment section to simply humiliate then the permanence of your post is in question. I mean, you don’t have to show the world how much you hate who you are by making other people feel like you do about yourself.

I want this to be light and fun without forgetting this is also a channel of information. My goal is to make it feel like a little documentary. The chronicles of a girl’s attempts to dip herself into this exciting yet intimidating world of fashion and beauty as she shares the journey with her would be readers. If you’ve been a low maintenance kind of girl as I’ve been then you know that we rock but let’s make things even better when we can rock both worlds. Its ok to experiment with our looks. Our clothes can make a statement to reflect who we are but it doesn’t have to dictate how we will our lives. So don’t be shy grab a lippie and let’s prettify. What we must never forget is to be ourselves to love ourselves. Let’s be selflicious.