Revamped and Renewed

Wow! How long has it been since my last post? Well I certainly miss writing so here it goes.

I just really wanted to talk about the fate of my blog and how its going to pan out from now on. No, I am NOT QUITTING. I owe it to the part of myself that will die if I chose to kill my brainchild. I love my blog, there was never a time that I hated it even though I have neglected it to the point of being comatose. After tossing and turning, incessantly having an internal dilemma for months on end, I decided I will write again on a more regular basis but I’ll be converting my blog into a messier and undecided part of me.

When I wanted to start blogging, I read upon a few (a lot) articles on how to go about it. A lot of them resonated with the suggestion to go for a specific niche if you have any hopes of becoming successful. Who doesn’t want to achieve success in their endeavors? So I followed suit and tried to find one that highlighted my interests best and ended up choosing beauty related topics. I hit a realization that I’m as fickle minded as our erratic weather. Blogging suddenly became difficult for me. I found it hard to align my interests with what I wanted to write about because I tend to change the things that I wanted to try.

I feel like I need a little explaining to do but I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses. Anyway, let’s just simply say that at times I’m not about putting on makeup or slathering some beautiful skin care product. It doesn’t mean that I’ve completely lost interest its just that I have to devote my time and money to something else. This statement made me feel so guilty about my blog because I really wanted it to be about experiencing the world of beauty in the eyes of make up and skincare. Looks like for now I really just have to find my place by writing WHATEVER I wanted to share with the world and be a little less worried about how people will react to it. Its alright to get lost in my thoughts because I can revel in ’em. I’m excited to begin a new chapter for Selflicious  with this renewed fervor and I can’t wait to start sharing new experiences with you.

I missed blogging so much. Its the best form of expressing my vanity IMO. I absolutely think there is nothing wrong with vanity in appropriate doses. The danger is when you let it take over completely and forget about what’s truly essential.

3 Easy-to-do Makeup Looks for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and however you feel(love it or hate it) about this holiday its an easy excuse for us to get a little dolled up. You might find this surprising but I’ve never been on real V-Day date to think I have a boyfriend of five years. As a couple we just never really saw this as a means to celebrate our relationship (TMI? Hehe). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cynical at all about this day and I actually enjoy seeing all the frills and frou frou that comes along with it. 

I also have girl friends who I know are excited for the occasion and make preparations to make this special. That got me thinking maybe this year I’ll make V-day a little less ordinary for me and just maybe enjoy it differently. Hence, I have some date ready looks if you don’t have a lot of time to spend pondering what to do tomorrow. For someone who’s still not that experienced with makeup application, I wanted to come up with looks that I can accomplish without spending a lot and is within my skill set.

Let me show you 3 looks that will get your date swooning or if you don’t have any date at all, to hell with it. Just use these looks to look good because you feel like it. 


   I know most of you may want to feel extra special for V-day but for other couples like me and my beau who may not really have anything planned or simply chose not to go all out can still look put together without really trying. Maybe you just want to watch movies or your favorite series at home but still want that little oomph. 

Step 1

Apply base make up may it be a light foundation or bb/cc cream to even out skin tone. You can even skip this for this look if you want to.

Step 2

Groom brows and if needed have it filled in. This is a must for my non-existent brows.

Step 3

Color your cheeks preferably with a creamy formula for natural looking flushed cheeks. My fave is using the same lipstick for my puckers.

Step 4

Finish the look by curling your lashes and applying a coat or two of your fave mascara.

Step 5

Finish the look by dabbing some colored lip balm or any lip stain/ lipstick close to your natural lip color.


This look is perfect for that cute dress you have picked for the ocassion and that stroll in the park. 

Repeat steps 1-3 

Step 6

Sweep a shimmery shadow on your lids to give it some depth and shine. Choose one close to your skin tone.

Step 7

For this look pastel or nude pinks works the best for your lippies.

Repeat step 4

Optional: You can line your eyes with the liner of your choice. Here I just opted for a liquid liner but for a sweeter look you can even use a brown eye pencil instead. Just make sure you don’t create too much of a cat eye. 


For that romantic date with the perfect LBD and a pair of heels in tow. 

Repeat steps 1-3 

Step 8

Repeat step 6 then you can give more depth to the eyes by applying a darker eye shadow to the outer V of your lids. 

Repeat step 7 but to make the look a little more glamorous, go for those red bold lips. 

Step 9

Line your eyes with that the blackest liner you have and this time around go for that sexy cat eyes. Complete the look by applying two coats of mascara for good measure. 

Here’s the makeup I used for these looks AKA my version of glam squad. 

From L-R Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Bomb; Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Beige; Maybelline the HyperCurl Volum’ Express Mascara in Very Black; Bobbie Cosmetics Face Powder in Sheer; ELF eyeshadow quad in Beautiful Browns; Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Fierce Red; Bobbie Cosmetics Duo Lippie in Nude Beach; BYS Waterproof Eyeliner in Black. On the top row is my Ever Bilena Matic Brow Liner in Earth. Not in photo, ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium

My fave look in the bunch. It’s so funny that I only have one angle when taking photos. 

Tell me in the comments how you will be spending V-Day. 



Back from the Dead

Time has quickly flown to December and I’ve left my blog dying in the ditch. I didn’t even mean to let it be. I had my reasons as to why I let blogging take a backseat. From the little excuses of having “no time for this right now” and the bigger things that are just better left unsaid.Even so, I always had this tiny voice who kept on saying I should get back on track. Why do I suddenly want to blog again?

The answer is simple, I miss the person that I become whenever I’m blogging. The one who has a plan (at least an itenerary of topics) and wants to make it happen. The one that tries her best to express herself creatively and use her energy into something fulfilling and positive. I noticed that I’ve become very dull and uninspired for the past few months since I stopped penning online. I miss being excited about my ideas and how I can bring them to life through my blog.

So here I am again. I make no promises of being a prolific blogger and to consistently publish posts. What I promise to anyone who reads this and above all to myself is that as long as I enjoy blogging and it helps me become a better person even in the smallest ways, I’d be creeping back and forth to this world of thoughts in prose.


5 Tips for Rainy Day Makeup

We’ve been having bouts of rain for a few days now and I hope you guys are safe and sound. I always have mixed emotions whenever the skies decide to pour a little. I love the cold weather that comes along with it but ask me to go out of the house and I’m close to cursing every little thing that comes my way (who doesn’t hate mud in everything). At these times, what I look like is the least of my worries but there are instances that I need to look put together. Maybe at least decent enough for people not to automatically assume that I’m sick or something.

Let me share with you some tips and tricks on how we can prep our faces on a rainy day (given that we have a considerable amount of reason to care about our makeup that day). Hope you find it useful.

1. Armed and ready

-Make sure aside from your umbrella and/or raincoat that you have your makeup arsenal with you if you’ll need some touch ups. Better have your essentials than be sorry later on. Sometimes I would even do my makeup only when I’m already where I need to be. The products that I’ll mention later on will be the contents of my makeup pouch.

2. Glow from within

-I usually need to use a richer moisturizer on colder days for my skin to look quenched. The goal is to have a little dewiness, not too oily nor too matte. Find what works best for you. Hydrating your skin by drinking water also helps loads. Don’t forget to put on sunblock since the sun’s rays will still wreak havoc on you. It only means that you can get lazy with makeup but you can’t take a day off from skin care since if you have a good canvas the less cover up you’ll need.

3. Go light and easy

-…with the makeup. You may feel like you want to add more to make things secure but it’ll just be the other way around. Piling things up can give you a ‘melted’ look if you get soaked from the rain. Go for a more natural look. Its as if you just want to add a healthy little color on your face. I don’t know if anyone else does this but I would put a little CC cream (AVON Anew CC cream) then top it of with a some primer (Maybelline pore eraser). For some reason the makeup has more staying power than if I do it the other way around (I break makeup rules). Try to use cream blush or even lipstick (my preferred method) on the apples of your cheeks for a more natural looking finish.

4. Waterproof eyes

-Of course I’m talking about eye makeup here. Please don’t take any chances about using non-waterproof mascara and liner unless you can rock raccoon eyes (never a pretty look on me). Your waterproof mascara (currently using Maybelline hyper curl mascara) can even double as your eyeliner so don’t worry if you don’t have waterproof liquid liners or even just eye pencils. I don’t even bother with eye liner if you ask me. On the other hand, I put more effort on my brows since mine are non-existent. If you’re like me, then you can use use brow pencil (I use Etude’s in shade 03) to shape then fill in with brow powder (can’t remember the brand that I’m using, sorry). You can even use a brow mascara for good measure.

5. A pop of color (Optional)

-Yes we want to go for a natural look but if you still want to add some color then do it by donning a bright and bold lip color. I find that this can really enhance the face and what really completes the look. It feels like you put more effort into it even though you tried to do as less as you can.

6. Hide the frizz (Bonus!)

-You’re face may look good but don’t forget about your crowning glory. I guess there are means to protect your hair from getting frizzy but if you don’t want to add the extra effort then your best bet is to do a chic braid or bun. I personally love braiding my hair and just add a little spritz of hairspray to keep things in place.

Here some photos of the healthy-dewy look (at least my take on it) 


P.S. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that the photos doesn’t feature me. I decided to do the makeup on my cousin Mikee since she’s a college student and would usually have to brave the rain when she needs to go to school. I hope you like the simple makeup I did on her. =)

My Current Skin Care Routine: Back to Basics

Do you use your bath soap on your face too? Unless you’re using Dove body bar then I guess you’re familiar with that taut and dry feeling it will usually leave your skin. That has been my “skin care routine” for the last few years and at first I thought, “Wow. I don’t need a ton of products to keep my skin a-ok.” Then fastforward to now, took a close look on my face and definitely noticed a massive difference from how my skin used to be (I may just be getting old right). This got me saying, “What have I done?” Ever had that moment?

My biggest skin care issues are my nose area (which is now a house of blackheads) and the occasional bumps around the chin area which I have minimized since I started caring for my skin again. I also noticed some fine lines and wrinkles starting to creep on my eye area,forehead and laugh lines (this is what got completely freaking out). It may also be helpful to mention that I have an excessively sweaty face and the fact that I live in the Philippines (hot and humid) is real recipe for disaster. My nose is also prone to redness due to broken capillaries but I’m just happy that in general it doesn’t react horribly to skin care ingredients. I guess that means that my skin’s insensitivity may also be the reason why a lot of products will not usually be as effective on my face compared to other people.

no filter

closer than close

I used to be strict with my skin care regimen from highschool to college. My mantra was cleanse, tone, moisturize and yes I did get compliments on how my skin looked but as the years went by I got complacent. The three-step routine became a single step and sometimes I don’t even get to wash my face (just keeping it real) before my shut-eye when I’m just too tired. Now I’m hopping back to my old ways and I’m hoping that I can still save my skin from the abuse I had it go through. Here is my current skin care routine.

  1. Cleanse – A bath soap is truly harsh for the face. I’m lucky that I’m closest to a normal skin type. Any deviation (oily/dry/sensitive/combination) would’ve sent my skin running the other way. I’m currently using Etude’s Happy essential foam Collagen. I’m all about restoring my skin’s youth at the moment. I wash my face before sleep and of course upon waking up. Just to add, if ever I used any form of makeup I would use extra virgin olive oil as my makeup remover (works like a charm) before I suds up.  
  2. Tone – Using a toner has always been trivial to a lot of people but for me I do notice a difference when I skip this step. I don’t feel as fresh and as clean without it. Can’t believe I stopped using toners. I’m doing a review on Maxipeel’s skin purifier so that’s what I’m using right now (though it claims not to be a toner). I also tone my skin twice a day after washing my face. 
  3. Moisturize – If you can live without toners that’s fine but I think all of us need some form of moisturizer if we want our skin to maintain its youth as long as it can. This is the motherload of nutrients for the face (if you’re not using serums) and what really helped bring life to my lackluster skin. I really love it when my skin looks dewy and moisturizers help me achieve that. I’m using two kinds of moisturizers for day and night whice are AVON’s Glutathione Whitening Face Cream (read my review here) and iWhite’s Aqua Moisturizer respectively. Aside from glowing youthful skin, I also want to bring back my fairer skin tone. My skin got somewhat darker as the years passed so brightening it is helpful for me though not a top priority. Its not a requirement to use seperate moisturizers it’s just that day creams would usually have SPF with them and that’s helpful when you want to skip on sunblocks on lazy days. 
  1. Sun Protection – Can’t stress enough how important it is to use sunscreens (read my post here). Even when I was not taking care of my skin fully, I try not to forget about this. I have a lot of broken capillaries on my face and I would easily feel a burn around my nose when I’m out in the sun, this is what helped me minimize these things from getting worse. I’m currently using AVON’s Anew White SPF 50++++ 

I’m not saying that these are the golden rules of skin care. Some people have simpler routines, some have more complex regimens. What matters is finding what works for you (skin type) and your lifestyle (priorities, routines,budget). My skin feels and looks better now so I’m planning to keep my routine and bring it close to its former glory.

All of the products mentioned are not sponsored and they’re bought by me. Note that they may not work as well as they work for me since we have different skin composition.I personally have a normal skin type which can get a little oily during summer or a little dry during colder seasons so the products I use are definitely subject to change.

Will try to post a review of all the products mentioned and will update this post once I have done so. What’s your skin care routine? Any comments or suggestions for me? Will love to see your response.

[Review] The AVON SSS Whitening Glutathione Face Cream Experience

I’m feeling productive this week so here’s another blog entry. Yay! Hopefully this’ll be the start of a frequent output from me. I noticed I haven’t tried posting about a real product review yet so here’s my first go at it. Let me blabber about my experience with AVON’s Glutathione Whitening Face Cream from the Skin-So-Soft line (SSS).

I’ve always been in search of a good day cream that will not look too greasy and will easily be absorbed by my skin. I live in a tropical country (Philippines) and add to that my overproductive sweat glands then I’m in for trouble. Most creams that I’ve used in the past tend to just sit on my skin and easily sweats right off. For the past few years I even stopped using moisturizers altogether and rely on sunblocks to quench my skin in the morning but this just doesn’t cut it. I’ve made a decision to incorporate a skin care regimen to my daily tasks since I’m definitely seeing a significant decline in my skin’s overall appearance. I’m finally paying for the neglect I’ve done.

Call it good timing that I chanced upon AVON’s face cream and saw that it was on sale for Php 149 just as I was going to the counter. It promises to deliver results in just 5 days. Wow! I’d say that’s some ambition and maybe if it happens for me then I’m one happy camper for sure. I didn’t put much thought in it but I’m glad I didn’t since I’m surprisingly pleased with this product.

“Makes skin visibly whiter, improves skin clarity, reduces the appearance of spots & discolorations, and evens out skin tone. Leaves skin feeling moisturized all day. Gentle, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, & dermatologist-tested.” *photo courtesy of

The main ingredient of the cream is of course glutathione and this already has SPF 20/PA++

Regular price: Php 399 for 30g and Php 199 for 15g

Got mine for Php 149 for the 15g tub (brochure discount)

Can be bought through an AVON representative

SSS Glutathion Face Cream in 15g

Been using this for a little over a week now (day cream only) and I’m happy about how it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy nor heavy (the weather may have played a factor). On the other hand, in terms of giving me fairer skin in just 5 days I would have to say that there was no fulfillment there. I’m not complaining much since I’m just ecstatic that I found a day cream that fits what I’m looking for, getting whiter skin is not a top priority for me at the moment. Of course this is a let down for some of you looking for the real-deal brightening product. Maybe if I finish the tub I’d see a difference. We shall see.

has a runny and very spreadable consistency

was absorbed by my skin quite well

with the product applied to just half my face (right side), left a dewy finish but not too oily


-has a lightweight and smooth texture

-has a mild scent

-moisturizes my skin without that extremely tacky feel

-made my skin look glowing from within

-has SPF 20/PA++ without any mask like effect

-can easily be spread so you don’t tug your skin

-did not cause any breakouts


-did not brighten my face in 5 days as indicated (a promise is a promise)

-the regular price is a little steep for me Php 399 for 30g and Php 199 for 15g

Overall: 3 out of 5

That sums up my experience with AVON’s gluta cream and this made me excited to try other skin care lines from them since I usually just gravitate towards using their makeup and underwear products.

FYI: Yes, I am an AVON Representative but I mainly use it for personal consumption since I love getting discounts. This was in no way to simply patronize AVON and I’m only sharing my honest-to-goodness experience with their products. This is also a reflection of my trust with the brand so its normal for you to see me reviewing AVON products in this blog.

This is a category of my blog where I share my experience with a certain product may it be something that I bought or given to me it will be clearly stated. Please take everything that I indicate here with a grain of salt since I’m no skin specialist/dermatologist and I’m simply having a go at it and then hope for the best. This is for the sake of people out there who wants an account of a first hand experience on a product. I hope it helps to say that I have a normal skin type and I don’t have sensitive skin in general.

Besties for Life

Hi guys! I know I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been sickly in which my day job suffered dearly (swear didn’t mean for that to rhyme). I’m feeling a little better now and ready to hit the keys again. I was so excited last June since I had some back-to-school ideas I wanted to share and something about weddings since that’s also something June is popular for here in the Philippines. Obviously nothing came into fruition. Anyway, hopefully I can come up with better ideas for July. Its been raining hard for the past week and it almost completely sucked the bright and bubbly thoughts out of me. The only way I was able to keep my sanity was looking forward for better days. Glad I had some sunshine today.

One of the better days I had was when my bestfriends decided to pay me a visit recently. Well we were supposed to have a night out but decided to have a “night in” instead due to heavy rains. In my opinion it was time better spent since we were just chilling and chatting and watching movies and laughing (grammar Nazis will hate me for this) the whole night. I love my bestfriends. In lieu of BFFs, let me talk about the book Besties by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson. (What a way to introduce my topic, NOT! haha)

I’m not the type to jump on a bandwagon but I was intrigued by the premise it had. Two bestfriends sharing practical tips and tricks for the modern girl sounded cool to me. Besides, hype or not I wouldn’t let it stop the fangirl in me. I didn’t want to keep my expectations high but surprisingly it was an enjoyable read. It was light and had a conversational tone. A good pick me up when I’m feeling bored. I’d be honest it was a slow read for me (Did I just somehow contradict myself?). It wasn’t as if I was hungry to turn every page and excited about what the authors are gonna say next but that’s how I was able to fully enjoy the book. Consumed every chapter like a meal course and went back for seconds if I felt like it (Why am I alluding it to food? Hungry much).

My favorite parts are the chapters about confidence and beauty. It was a refreshing perspective to see two close-to-perfect beautes talk about their vulnerability just like everyone else’s which makes them even more beautiful in my opinion. Physically, I also liked the concept on how the material was presented from the photos down to the paper used. Chops to Solenn and Georgina for a job well done.

some of the meanest comments of other people

By no means is this a full blown review of the book and neither will I be regularly talking about books in my blog. I just thought that its a good read specially for girls like me who may look up to celebrities and think they lead such perfect lives forgetting that they’re just like us with their own insecurities and imperfections. I personally don’t go for this kind of book but I just thought that it taps on what I want to point out in this blog which is to be who you are and NOT be afraid of reaching for your dreams no matter how far-fetched other people may look at it. This book was a product of willful hearts determined to make a difference. It doesn’t hurt to add that I have a girl crush on these two (teehee).

Reading Besties made me miss my own bestfriends Joerissa and Hyra. I remember back in highschool even up to college we loved to chatter about our dreams, our physical appearances, our ideals and everything in between just like how Sos and George dabbled in a lot of topics in the book.

(L-R) Hyra, Joerissa and me

most recent photo together

Maybe this article is really just my selfish excuse to show the world how much I miss the old times with these two. Now that we’re older with jobs and boyfriends of course we spend less time together but it will never lessen the love we have for each other. We may not talk as much as we used to but when we do its as if we were together yesterday.Friends I know that I will keep for the rest of my life that I will always cherish no matter what. That’s what I love about having bestfriends.

What’s your favorite part about having a bestfriend/s?