K-Beauty Haul: Althea Korea Philippines

I recently started using skin care products again and although I’ve seen improvements I still wanted to try different brands to see if they will work better for me. Korean beauty products were definitely at the top of my list since they’ve been consistent in breaking ground whenever it came to skin care trends. Sadly they’re usually quite expensive and I knew I would be spending a ton for them.

Luckily, I came across Althea Korea which is essentially an online shop that promises all – authentic K-beauty finds with the best prices. According to Althea this was made possible by directly shipping the items from South Korea.

The website and the app were both easy to use which made shopping a breeze for me and my only problem was stopping myself from putting everything in my cart. LOL. Its great that they also give an automatic discount of Php 150 on your first purchase (the total of the items needs to be over Php 1500) and another Php 150 rebate on your next purchase. Another good thing is that they waive the shipping fee if your order reached Php 999.

Let’s check the damage I’ve done with my wallet.

This came in a hot pink plastic pouch with a sticker of Althea’s logo and a list of its contents. Inside was a pink box which was pretty sturdy and the items were secured with bubble wrap.

I got seven products sadly with no freebies but I got my package within 5 business days even though they indicated that it might take 10-15 business days.

Overall I’m happy with the experience and will definitely shop again. I actually have another box which I’ll talk about on another post and stay tuned for the reviews of the ones I have in this box.

What I liked:

– They do have lower prices compared from the store.

– I received my package earlier than expected.

– Free shipping for orders over Php 999.

– I super love the packaging from the hot pink plastic to the bubble wrap. The products felt secure.

– The website and the app were both user friendly.

– They offer additional discounts and freebies depending on the promos they have.

What I disliked:

– Nothing really that I feel is important but I noticed not all of the products have a view more details link which is very helpful in checking out the product.

What I would’ve liked

– They could have a suggested ‘how to use’ portion since most of the products were in pure Korean and I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly at times.

– They could also give email notifications for the products that were out of stock. It’s a little hard to keep my eyes peeled to see if a product I wanted to buy is already in stock.

Note: These suggestions are not completely necessary but they will definitely improve the customer experience.



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