Revamped and Renewed

Wow! How long has it been since my last post? Well I certainly miss writing so here it goes.

I just really wanted to talk about the fate of my blog and how its going to pan out from now on. No, I am NOT QUITTING. I owe it to the part of myself that will die if I chose to kill my brainchild. I love my blog, there was never a time that I hated it even though I have neglected it to the point of being comatose. After tossing and turning, incessantly having an internal dilemma for months on end, I decided I will write again on a more regular basis but I’ll be converting my blog into a messier and undecided part of me.

When I wanted to start blogging, I read upon a few (a lot) articles on how to go about it. A lot of them resonated with the suggestion to go for a specific niche if you have any hopes of becoming successful. Who doesn’t want to achieve success in their endeavors? So I followed suit and tried to find one that highlighted my interests best and ended up choosing beauty related topics. I hit a realization that I’m as fickle minded as our erratic weather. Blogging suddenly became difficult for me. I found it hard to align my interests with what I wanted to write about because I tend to change the things that I wanted to try.

I feel like I need a little explaining to do but I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses. Anyway, let’s just simply say that at times I’m not about putting on makeup or slathering some beautiful skin care product. It doesn’t mean that I’ve completely lost interest its just that I have to devote my time and money to something else. This statement made me feel so guilty about my blog because I really wanted it to be about experiencing the world of beauty in the eyes of make up and skincare. Looks like for now I really just have to find my place by writing WHATEVER I wanted to share with the world and be a little less worried about how people will react to it. Its alright to get lost in my thoughts because I can revel in ’em. I’m excited to begin a new chapter for Selflicious  with this renewed fervor and I can’t wait to start sharing new experiences with you.

I missed blogging so much. Its the best form of expressing my vanity IMO. I absolutely think there is nothing wrong with vanity in appropriate doses. The danger is when you let it take over completely and forget about what’s truly essential.


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