Back from the Dead

Time has quickly flown to December and I’ve left my blog dying in the ditch. I didn’t even mean to let it be. I had my reasons as to why I let blogging take a backseat. From the little excuses of having “no time for this right now” and the bigger things that are just better left unsaid.Even so, I always had this tiny voice who kept on saying I should get back on track. Why do I suddenly want to blog again?

The answer is simple, I miss the person that I become whenever I’m blogging. The one who has a plan (at least an itenerary of topics) and wants to make it happen. The one that tries her best to express herself creatively and use her energy into something fulfilling and positive. I noticed that I’ve become very dull and uninspired for the past few months since I stopped penning online. I miss being excited about my ideas and how I can bring them to life through my blog.

So here I am again. I make no promises of being a prolific blogger and to consistently publish posts. What I promise to anyone who reads this and above all to myself is that as long as I enjoy blogging and it helps me become a better person even in the smallest ways, I’d be creeping back and forth to this world of thoughts in prose.



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