The Beautylabo Hair Color Experience

Hi guys! Now that summer is officially over please let me know how yours went in the comment section. Mine was a staycation which for me meant a home-work-home routine. Hopefully next year I get to do more. And since I didn’t do much, most likely out of boredom I decided to dye my hair again.

Yes I’ve done something like this before but its been a while that it felt almost new to me. Let me blabber about me trying a DIY hair dye product and how it went down. This is the Beautylabo in honey blonde. A  Japan-based product that has a liquid formula unlike others that works with a lather-like consistency. I featured this on my recent haul.

I just want to say that I don’t think this can be considered as a real review of the product. For starters, I didn’t use the needed amount for my hair (at least two boxes I think). I felt that one pack will be good enough and now I feel a little stupid about it. Haha. I also did not completely follow the package instructions on how to apply the solution. With these things in mind I already set myself up for failure and I knew I wouldn’t give justice to the product if I make my recommendations based on this. I was planning not to share this with you guys but I realized its still an experience that I can talk about that maybe you can learn something from (I hope!)

I did everything according to the package instructions except for applying the product on the roots first. I didn’t want to concentrate the color on just my roots so I applied more product on the lower length of my hair. I’m not gonna do a detailed how-to since its quite easy. Just mix 1 and 2, apply, wait, rinse then apply the after color treatment with no rinsing required. I will let the photos sort of do the talking.


Aside from the packaging what made me gravitate to it was the price. Its Php 239 from Watsons if my memory serves me right. Others would cost you at least Php 350 so I thought this was already a steal. I love the fact that the insert had detailed and easy-to-understand instructions that even a newbie will be confident that they are doing the right thing. In terms of the color pay off it still colored my dark hair to a light brownish hue in those areas that had a decent amount of the product. This was the expected outcome so If I have any complaint that will just be the light sting I felt on the first few minutes of the application and that fact that even after a week of shampooing my hair still had a faint smell of the product.

 *when basked in sunlight

 *in low light (excuse my ‘dugyot’ appearance)

Even though may hair color is now kind of patchy I still liked my overall experience. It was fun and easy and I know that it would’ve given a better result if I used more product. Maybe next time I’ll do it again with a different color depending on how my chaotic brain works.


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