Why Sunblock?

The heat is on! Summer came knocking with its scorching temperature that makes me wish we still had the cooler weather. I secretly envy those who already set their plans to bask in the sun with a plethora of activities for the coming weeks for mine will be most likely spent with my mundane tasks. Nevertheless, no matter what our to-do lists this season may be what we mustn’t forget is the ever important sun protection. Sure you can get away with just an umbrella and a pair of sunnies. That’s what you want yourself to believe but you know for a fact that they’re not enough. That’s why sunblocks were invented. I’d be using sunblock and sunscreen synonymously for this article but I think they may have different definitions.

If truth be told I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with sunblocks. There are just times I can’t handle the sticky feeling most formulas leave that I opt to skip this step. It only makes sense for me to remind myself why we need to apply some form of sun protection on a daily basis most specially at this time of the year since our skin and SPF are meant to be BFFs.

Minimize skin ageing

A good sunblock will help you have younger looking skin because it has components that block UVA rays which are the ones causing skin ageing. This happens since the rays penetrate the inner layer of the skin which damages the collagen (a component that maintains skin elasticity, less collagen=more wrinkles). Personally I’d rather spend money to minimize getting wrinkles than to spend more in treating it. Let’s just say prevention is better than cure.

Prevent burning your skin

Another part of a good sunscreen is that it helps filter UVB rays that burns the skin. With this, the rays only make it to the surface to wreak havoc by literally toasting you. We still have to keep in mind that applying sunblock will NOT give you the right to brace the sun for hours on end. If it can’t be helped make sure you reapply as needed to ensure protection specially when you’re on water no matter how waterproof the products claim to be.

Maintain skin tone

Whatever skin tone you might have or want to maintain, sunscreens will aid you in achieving that. Depending on your needs you can get products that would either have lightening or tanning components. As for me, I usually get the ones that have neither. Hahah. Let me give you a peek of what I’m currently using.


For my body, I use the Beach Hut Max 75++ Clear Spray Sunblock. I love that its just like a body oil and leaves a healthy glow. I use Avon Anew 360 White for my face since I am trying to brighten this area of my skin and it has more of a BB cream kind of finish. If you blend this well then it wouldn’t have a mask-like effect.

Help prevent skin cancer

A whole lot of research can back up the claims that sunblocks help keep our skin in tip top shape. In a way, it contributes in minimizing the risk of developing skin cancer. Most likely its because it discourages the destruction of skin cells due to sun exposure. I’m not going to talk much about it since I’m no scientist but try to know more and you’ll be convinced.

Love your skin more

It all boils down to showing your skin some good loving. Its the biggest organ of our bodies and we ought to give it what it deserves. I know most sunblocks come with a hefty price but if you’ll think about it this is a great way to invest in our skin. If you spend money on makeup maybe you can allot a part of it in getting a decent sunscreen product. For someone who’s a cheapskate like me, I would definitely prioritize this product over an expensive lippie. That’s just me. I’m not a poster kid for sunblock use and there are days that I forget about using it but I really want it to be a habit. I know it would do wonders for my skin. Don’t just believe me. See for yourself.

PS Please forgive the lack of pictures. I’ll try to incorporate more photos next time.


4 thoughts on “Why Sunblock?

    • Not religiously. Haha! I’ve been shunning sunlight these days since I’m mostly just in the office or at home but when I’m out and about I do use it. I almost always have it in my bag just in case. 😊


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