Road to Passion

You are about to indulge yourself in the most worthwhile use of your time. My apologies, I’m not referring to YOU reading this blog entry but to me instead. This is the mantra I’ve set myself with to give the final push to start blogging. Don’t get me wrong. I am of course hoping against all hope that you do enjoy what you read. Thank you for sticking with me with my first paragraph.

I’m JC of SELFlicious and this the beginning of my journey as I enter Blogosphere. Can I make that any cheesier? Hahah. I guess this is my way of saying that I consider this as a milestone in my life. This blog took three years to make with 90% of it spent with tossing around with just the idea of doing it. I went back and forth from thinking this-is-the-best-idea-ever to hell-no-who-am-I-kidding kind of mental debate.

Why SELFlicious? I know its not the most creative word and some people even said it sounded a little tacky but it simply meant something else to me. A selflicious person is someone I consider confident and comfortable in her own skin which makes it reasonable for her to love who she is. It only follows that people will also appreciate her for being true to herself. If you don’t agree, then maybe you can tell me your own definition of selflicious through the comment section. Who knows maybe you could change my mind.

Initially I planned to create this blog as part of my online clothing store. Apparently I’m not ready to sail ship yet when it came to the business but the need to express myself just couldn’t wait any longer. You could say that there are a lot of easier means to let the world know what’s inside my head with Facebook and other forms of social media. Lets just say that expressing myself in a structured manner helps me filter ideas and emotions then transform them into a positive attitude in an almost therapeutic way. Obviously if I’d always let my train of thought transcribe into words I’d usually feel worse than when I didn’t utter them. I also wanted an outlet to let my creative juices flow even though I may be the only one who make take my ideas brilliant.

My reasons for wanting to create a blog cannot be summed in a few words. There were a lot factors I considered to make sure that this not something I wanted to do just out of whim. I knew this will take dedication and passion. Speaking of which, I grew up without having a passion for anything. That kind of fire for an endeavor that was so powerful that it inspires and transpires into a treasure of someone’s life. I want to feel that thrill that you get when you’re happy with what you’re doing and know that you’re doing it more for yourself than for anyone else. I hope to find it through this medium. So far I have had an elevated sense of being as I typed away my thoughts.

Some of you may say passion is something innate but sometimes you really have to dig deep or go beyond your own boundaries to find out what you’re passionate about to ignite your day to day activities. In reference to my first set of words, I want this to be one of the best ways to spend time with myself. Instead of wishing to live someone else’s life why don’t I just start how I want to live mine.

If you’re looking for an eloquently written blog of high caliber, then you won’t find that here. I am not much of a writer nor do I have a wide range of vocab but hopefully my flow of ideas is what will make you want to stay tuned to every word. My entries will circle with my attempts of exploring another side of myself. A side who isn’t afraid that people will shun what I have to say. A kind of confidence I’m braver to exude through words. I have battled with self esteem issues like any other person and its quite refreshing to feel proud letting myself out in the open. My views to be devoured by public consumption. A notion that used to be daunting even petrifying that I’m still in awe that you’re reading this. Where did I get enough courage to hit the publish button?

On another note, I would most likely write about stuff about fashion and beauty even if I’m no expert because for some reason I find it fun and relevant to me. Maybe its the girl in me or maybe a time will come that I’d write about something else. For now I’ll enjoy whatever suits my fancy. I’m still streamlining the kind of content this blog will have and along the way possibly narrow down the categories of topics I want to talk about. What’s clear to me at this moment is that my current ideas seem to be about exploring my inner girly girl. I have been a plain Jane for last few years and its nice to be in tune again with that part of myself. I didn’t want this post to be too wordy but I guess it will have to do for now. Welcome to my blog and my very first post. Looking forward for you to share your thoughts as I share mine. Thank you for making it to my last sentence. I definitely hope it was worth your while.


7 thoughts on “Road to Passion

  1. Virginia says:


    Great post! I want to create a blog too :), particulary about inspiration and self motivation. This post inspired me to pursue it. Ano ba mga preparations ginawa mo before you start this blog? Thanks!

    P.S: I like you definition of #selflicious :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Virginia! Thanks. I’m glad to hear about your plans to have a blog. Everyone needs a little help in keeping ourselves inspired and motivated. In terms of preparation, try mo muna yung mga free sites like wordpress or blogger. Very user friendly naman sila basta may idea ka na just type them away. Don’t be too critical about it. Just go for it. =>


  2. Virginia says:


    Great post! I want to create a blog too :), particulary about inspiration and self motivation. This post inspired me to pursue it. Ano ba mga preparations ginawa mo before you start this blog? Thanks!

    P.S: I like your definition of #selflicious :))


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